The Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world because of its variety and for its unique, tasty and healthy flavors. “Le Ruote” hotel restaurant, open for all those who want to indulge in a culinary journey, offering all the ingredients of a very special land, able to offer a huge variety of flavors. Our chef will pamper you with traditional and modern recipes from the cuisine of Lombardia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Piemonte. With delicious starter prepared with the traditional sausages of Piacenza,  along with the fried cake Burtleina, focaccia with greaves and Chisola to Pist ad Grass (the lard with garlic and parsley), adults and children will find a variety of unique ​​flavors.

  • Main courses

Those who visit Piacenza and the surrounding area certainly cannot miss the “Pisarei and faso,” a very typical first course which consists of delicious dumplings flour and breadcrumbs, together with tomato sauce, garlic, beans, onion, bacon, pepper and Parmesan cheese . Can’t forget the “turtei”, tortelli with cheese, ricotta and spinach, perfect for fall and winter, when the first cold makes you wish a plate warmer and more intense flavor. Even the “ànvèin” or anolini with stew and meat are among the specialties of the area, together with the cannelloni and the Pasticcio di maccheroni in pastry. And for those who want to stay in shape, however, “Pasattelli” and “soup and beans” are a variant rustic very yummy.

  • Second courses

Between donkey stew with polenta typical of Lombardy, tripe from Piacenza, cup roasted, boneless duck and all those who love the meat will taste different variants exclusively prepared by our chef. And for those who want to know even deeper culinary tradition from Piacenza, it can be tasted the excellent “picula ad caval,” the “rustisana” (peppers with horse meat), the “micon” or the flat bread baked in wood and many other main dishes of meat and mushrooms. If you prefer fish to the meat, you can enjoy excellent sweet water fish such as salmon, eel and sturgeon while, cheese lovers, will not be able to avoid a sweet taste of Grana Padano cheese or Provolone cheese from Piacenza.

  • Dessert

The cake is great to conclude a great meal. The tradition of Piacenza offers different variants that can be enjoyed any time of year. The classic “buslan” donut from Piacenza, is a light and crumbly cake with a delicate taste and pleasant, while the “turtlitt” are the characteristics pancakes stuffed with mustard, loved by children and adults. And in the autumn you can find the “Patuna“, prepared with the most sweet chestnuts in the area. For a sweet moment of pleasure, “Le Ruote” restaurant will realize your every wish.

  •  Wines

The culinary tradition of Piacenza is rich and detailed, with a story about the habits of a people. Piacenza has 21 different DOC wines and among the most well-known deserve a mention: Gutturnio, Monterosso Val d’Arda white Malvasia liqueur, Bonarda, the sparkling and table wines Ortrugo Trebbianino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Vin Santo Vigoleno perfect to accompany local pastries . For a winery tour that knows how to awaken the senses, Piacenza is the ideal destination for a vacation to live and enjoy with the whole family.