The “Francigena” Road

“Le Ruote” hotel is in a perfect location for those who want to walk the Via Francigena, the ancient road that came from Canterbury to Rome and that pilgrims followed during their spiritual journeys .

At one time, however, only hostels and monasteries could be a refuge for travelers, today the comfort of “Le Ruote” hotel can be helpful to all those who want to take a trip through Europe. Seven centuries ago, in fact , all the pilgrims crossed the Alps in the Val d’Aosta then down to the Piemonte and Lombardy and reaching up to the Po Valley.
Those who now retrace those steps can discover a wealth of cultural history, thanks to the medieval villages present on the Via Francigena , and can even take a trip to find themselves.
In Cadeo , a place that takes its name from “Casa di Dio” (House of God) , pilgrims stopped in the Middle Ages , from the twelfth century onward , for the hospital located here and it is still particularly attractive to retrace the path that leads into the small village.

“Le Ruote” hotel, for its strategic location close to major highway junctions and located on the Via Emilia, is easily accessible by those who move from North to South and from those who make the trip from the West and East of the country.

Among the places of historical and cultural interest to see around there are:

  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Roveleto di Cadeo , 300 meters from the “Le Ruote” hotel with precious decorations of Bibiena (the architect who built it ) .
  • The Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba founded in 1136 by french monaco Bernard of Clervaux
  • The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fontanellato , the destination of many pilgrimages
  • Grazzano Visconti: a delightful village, entirely built in medieval style in the early 1900s ;
  • Castell’Arquato: a historic medieval village
  • Many Churches, monasteries, chiostri, buildings, walls and selling the city of Piacenza, among which are:
  • The church of st Mary of the country, whose place in 1095 in front of the Pope Urban during a council, calls “The First crusade” ( in the Chapel of the Magi you can see the painting ” Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine ” to work of Pordenone ). Inside the church  you can admire the Renaissance frescoes by Pordenone.
  • The Church of S.Antonino, where a plaque commemorates that took place here the preliminaries of peace of Constance (1183).
  • The CATHEDRAL OF THE ASSUMPTION with bas-reliefs depicting the medieval Guild and the dome painted by Guercino early 1600.
  • The church of San Sisto of early medieval origin founded by Queen Angilberga , wife of the ‘ Emperor Louis the Pious ( with a picture of the Bride ). It shows today a magnificent inlaid choir and numerous paintings of the ‘600 , here was once the ” Sistine Madonna ” by Raphael.
  • The Museum of Palazzo Farnese with the ” Madonna with child and S. John ” by Botticelli, Raphael , many paintings of the 1600s, the collection of cars and weapons , the archaeological section with the “Liver Etruscan ” in bronze.
  • The BOARD ALBERONI , with l’ECCE HOMO of Antonello da Messina and a splendid collection of Flemish tapestries .

In addition, “Le Ruote” hotel is very well suited for hiking on :